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Do you Want To:

  • Begin the journey to becoming a well-trained slave?
  • Benefit from a Mistress and Her Team with over 30 years experience?
  • Learn proper slave etiquette?
  • Discover the BDSM secrets that give you all the skills to serve excellently?

To Be Considered:


  • you will need to fill in the submission form below, whereupon further application instructions will be provided for you
  • Please make sure that you choose to accept the emails AND that you do not allow them to get lost in your spam folder
  • This opportunity is very limited as I only accept candidates for formal training who are able to prove to me that they have the ability to follow instructions



 The Slave Training School

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The application and interview process is thorough for a good reason:

It means that only those who show the correct aptitude, respect and willingness to learn will be accepted onto the waiting list and ultimately into My Slave Training School